Vandals have spray painted a stationary traffic camera in the capital amidst works to increase the traffic camera network.

Photos of the vandalised traffic camera are circulating which show its lens blackened by spray paint.

The camera was installed at the junction of Limassol avenue with Armenia street, but was not yet in operation.

Police told the Cyprus Mail that they were informed about the case from media websites. However, the company in charge of the traffic control devices has not yet reported the case to the police.

“We are informed, and we are waiting for an official complaint to start investigations,” a police spokesperson said.

The Cyprus Mail has contacted the company for comment.

Meanwhile, works are underway to instal 20 stationary and 16 mobile cameras as part of the first phase of the project. Another 66 stationary cameras will be installed during the second phase.

The vandalism emerged less than a week after two traffic officers operating traffic cameras were shot at while on duty.

The attempted murder took place in Kokkinotrimithia about half an hour before midnight on Thursday when unknown suspects using a hunting rifle shot the patrol car of the two officers, aged 32 and 44. They were taken to a hospital where they received first aid and then released. Authorities are still looking for the attackers.