Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has called on Islamic leaders to unite in the face of attacks against the Muslim population in Cyprus.

Speaking at the Islamic conference of information ministers on Friday night, he called for the cooperation and unity of the Islamic world to face what he described as common challenges from Cyprus to Western Thrace.

“From Palestine to Kashmir, from Cyprus to Western Thrace, we will not be able to overcome the attacks targeting the Islamic world unless we increase our cooperation on all fronts,” Erdogan said.

At the same time, the Turkish president claimed that he had warned French president Emmanuel Macron about the activities of the French cement giant Lafarge in northern Syria, where according to him, it supports and helps terrorist organisations by opening tunnels. Erdogan said that Macron did not listen to him and now faces a problem in the French parliament.

“I said this to the president of France, Mr Macron, and lo and behold, they asked Macron to account for Lafarge in the French Parliament. Right now, Lafarge has become one of the most important topics on France’s agenda,” Erdogan said.

“Because the liar’s candle burns until nightfall, and this lie didn’t last long. Yes, now Lafarge has been fully exposed as one of the biggest institutions supporting terrorism,” he added.