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Having nothing to lose with the new BMW X1

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We’d been anticipating this day for over a week, but I’m not sure what I was looking forward to more: my 10-year-old’s first football tournament or my newly-acquired vehicle. As Andreas put on his brand-new black and yellow football kit to look the part, I gazed at our Sunset Orange BMW X1 parked in our driveway.

Being the latest version of a family SUV that has undergone quite a transformation from its previous models, our decision to get our own BMW X1 was based on its impeccable practicality, as well as its fully-fledged sporty and self-assured presence, which seemed to trump everything; the whole family felt as though our new car delivered a powerful statement.

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It was once we were sat in the car and on our way to pick up three of my son’s friends that I realised just how giddy he was about the new car, too. It was almost as if our new wheels promised exciting times ahead and we had everything we needed to ensure our ride was stylish, safe and comfortable. Immersed in luxury, he set the tone with the touch and voice control of the Curved Display.

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Listening to his favourite tune, and the five of us now cruising towards one of Nicosia’s football pitches, the kids hinted at how they knew we were approaching their houses once they saw the car’s distinctive, almost square, double kidney grille and LED headlights. They rubbed their hands across the back seat’s lush Sensatec Oyster leather upholstery with its contrasting seams and stitches embodying the modern interior, crafted with high quality materials and innovations. They couldn’t believe the integrated wireless charging tray that charged their smartphones inductively.

di22 000065093As for me, I was still getting used to the driving assistance system that automatically maintains speed, distance and lane. Although the kids were animatedly talking about their upcoming match, not really paying attention to the road, I smiled at the thought that they were all safe, sitting in the back of the car; there was something about the car’s steadiness that put me completely at ease as we cruised along.

I love our new car. The spirited drives it offers us go hand in hand with renewed feelings of pride. I felt proud to be driving my son and his friends in such luxury. I was also proud of my son and his friends for having the courage to face a tournament, and, to be honest, proud of myself for what I had achieved in my life, so far – including buying our very own BMW. But that was beside the point, really. Today was about winning the match. It was about bringing victory back home with us and enjoying a fun morning among friends.

Opting to make the most of the maximum comfort while manoeuvring, I wove my way to a halt in a tight space using the parking assistant function. The reversing assistance remembered my steering movements of the last 50 metres and returned the car precisely along my previously-travelled path. The five of us walked away from the vehicle feeling carefree and confident, as if our ride had boasted that we had nothing to lose.

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Perhaps our confident mood had to do with the spaciousness of the BMW X1’s huge cargo hold, its extremely comfortable seats and its lush orange exterior. Perhaps it had to do with the simple infotainment controls, or maybe it had to do with its energetic engine and sporty handling. I would even go so far as to say that it was due to its impressive fuel economy; I can’t begin to imagine what the Plug-in hybrid and the electric versions would be like.

And yet, I also knew that our confidence derived from simply seizing the moment and making the most of what you have in the present, and what you already own. Indeed. We really had nothing to lose.

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