Captivating voices, nostalgic Mediterranean sounds and dreamy images of landscapes are typically found in performances by Amalgamation Choir. The independent 20+ member all-female community choir frequently performs at festivals and concerts, unifying unique melodies and dialects. Led by singer Vasiliki Anastasiou, the choir now prepares for its final 2022 performance and it is an event with a mission.

November 6’s afternoon concert in Nicosia will be a fundraising event to help members of the choir travel to Lyon, France where they are presented with a unique opportunity to collaborate with a French choir and showcase the Cypriot dialect and re-arrangements of Mediterranean songs, through what they love best; singing.

Eight ladies from the group, Vasiliki, Chara, Anastasia, Andria, Ioanna, Margarita, Argyro and Christina, will sing their hearts out presenting Cypriot music in Lyon between November 10 and 15 performing at the historical Temple du Change and the beautiful Chapelle Sainte Philomène.

To make the trip possible, Amalgamation Choir seeks to raise funds through a concert next Sunday. On November 6 at 5pm, the 20-plus choir members will perform in a cosy place in old town Nicosia called Simio Afetirias on Ektoros street. Two performances will take place as the space is quite small and a €15 entrance/donation fee will be asked from the audience. The first performance will begin at 5.15pm and last until 6.30pm. Then, from 7.15pm to 8.30pm the female choir will perform to a new audience.

Amalgamation Choir

Fundraising performance and the choir’s final 2022 concert. November 6. Simio Afetirias, 36 Ektoros street, Nicosia. 5.15pm or 7.15. €15. Reservations via SMS to 96-300323, 96-496818