Independent MP Andreas Themistocleous and two of his friends were fined €9,000 over the weekend for hunting in a prohibited area in Lofou, it was reported on Monday.

In a Facebook post, Themistocleous expressed his sadness over what he said was a mistake, stressing he would pay the fine.

Themistocleous said he had meandered into the prohibited area by accident, as it was next to an area where hunting is allowed.

“The three of us were clueless about the mistake until the game fund team approached us,” he said.

“After apologising, we called on the officers to implement the law as they would to any citizen of the Republic, and they did by issuing a fine. The three of us have been hunting for years without being reported for anything similar.”

Highlighting that it was an accident, Themistocleous said the three of them were wearing orange jackets or hats, indicating they were out hunting.