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One-off additional grant for those living in the mountains


Residents living at high altitudes will be given an extra one-off grant on top of their existing yearly benefits, the cabinet decided on Wednesday.

According to the President’s Undersecretary Petros Demetriou, the cabinet chaired by House speaker Annita Demetriou decided that people living at altitudes 600 metres or higher will receive a grant worth 50 per cent of the original benefits they receive.

The original grant for 2022 according to the interior ministry website is €175 for people with a permanent residence between 600-800m, €225 for people living between 801-1000m, and €260 for people living 1001m and higher.

Non-EU citizens living in those communities, domestic workers living at the home of their employer, monks and nuns, as well as people with holiday homes in those areas, are not eligible for the grant.

The undersecretary added that cabinet also agreed to change the status of Mammari, Denia, and Troulloi from remote to rural and disadvantaged, so that they can receive the benefits for the housing plans for the revitalisation of rural, remote and disadvantaged areas, for the year 2023.

The criteria to take part in the plan have been expanded to include single people making less than €30,000, whereas previously it was €25,000.

People with large families (more than five members) are also eligible to receive the benefits, which is now available for all families making less than €70,000 annually, when it was previously €65,000.

Single people will be able to receive €25,000 and families will be able to receive €60,000.



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