Traffic cameras are recording about 450 violations each day – mainly for speeding – with a whopping 125,000 incidents logged since the pilot phase was launched on October 25, 2021.

Haris Evripides, assistant director of the police traffic department, explained that of those violations there have been 82,000 reports sent out – many of which were to companies seeking clarification as to who was the driver of the vehicle.

He told daily Phileleftheros that as of September 30 a total of 65,376 fines were sent out, with many more on the way. The second most common violation was for passing through a red light.

Evripides explained that a further six stationary camera units have been installed, four in Nicosia and two in Limassol, but will not begin operating until the new year. He said this is because they are not yet linked up to the centre.

The traffic department official added that more testing is required along with stress testing the system to ensure it can handle the volume and process the violations.

The 450 violations recorded daily is largely in line with data provided by Evripides last November, which noted it being at 500.

It has previously been stated that the camera system will be introduced in three phases.

The pilot phase, which included all the necessary equipment for the operation of the centre for the automated traffic violation monitoring and reporting system is now over.

It’s now in the first phase which sets out for the installation and operation of another 16 mobile camera and another 20 fixed ones – but there are currently far fewer in operation.

The second phase will include the installation of the remaining 66 fixed cameras.

Many other traffic violations have seen their associated fines double over the past two years – such as the use of mobile phone while at the wheel now incurring a €150 fine, instead of the previous €85. Repeat offenders face a fine of €300 in case of a second violation within three years.