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Add your BoC card to Google Pay for more convenience, security


Your mobile phone or tablet is all you need to make transactions using Google Pay, wherever you are. Simply download the app and add your Bank of Cyprus credit or debit card to Google Pay.

Thereafter, your Android device automatically becomes a wallet for both your online transactions and payments in physical stores, with the security of Google Pay. Remember that the application can only be used with Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or later.

Download the app from the Play Store, follow the instructions provided and add any Bank of Cyprus Visa or Mastercard card, and also activate the NFC function before making payments. Thereafter, for in-store purchases, simply unlock your device, bring it close to the Point Of Sale, and, once the Google Pay indicator appears, you can pay the amount required.

To complete an online transaction with Google Pay, you only follow the procedure once. The next time, you will not need to repeat the process or add your card again.

Thanks to its most advanced security systems, Google Pay offers layered security and protection for your payments. When you add your card to Google Pay, a digital number is automatically generated, different to the one on your physical card. So, whenever you make a transaction, the merchant receives this digital number, and not your card details. In this way, your personal data is protected and shared with third parties.

The service is offered free of charge. You also earn reward points by enjoying the same privileges and benefits as with physical cards.

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