A dog was shot and killed in Ormidia on Tuesday morning, with the owner filing an official complaint to the police.

According to what the owner told the police, the dog was found dead inside the covered parking area of his house.

Its body was taken to the vet, who determined that the dog was most likely shot with an air gun.

The man told the police that the dog did not leave his property and did not bother anyone in the area. The Animal Police are currently investigating the case, trying to shed light on what took place.

Meanwhile, the Animal Party released a statement on the issue, calling for an end to violence against animals, recalling another similar recent accident in Kakopetria where a cat was shot and killed.

“We strongly and angrily condemn yet another incident that saw the murder of an animal with a gun,” the statement said.

“We can no longer be mere spectators to these crimes. We have witnessed too many cases where such weapons have been used to kill animals.

“In the last ten years there have been at least 18 killings committed with shotguns.”

The Animal Party also urged the justice minister to act immediately and to face reality, claiming that in Cyprus one in three people have weapons in their home.

“It is time to investigate all these problems and to put a stop to this uncontrollable situation, because it is not only people but also innocent animals that become victims.

“The Animal Party asks that every case involving violence against animals be investigated with the same seriousness and the same tenacity with which crimes against people are,” the statement concluded.