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“Our corporate values – Big-Fair-Human – which we apply to all the daily practices and operations of the organisation, our ability to adapt quickly and flexibly to the constantly changing conditions of the markets, and the environment where we operate, are what make us special. XM’s focus on employee well-being is an integral part of our culture and aims to improve job satisfaction, quality of work experience, engagement to the job and the company and, consequently, the quality of work produced and customer satisfaction.” Stavri Morti, Chief Executive Officer XM

More about XM
“XM is now one of the largest retail CFD brokers in the world, with a workforce of more than 750 people globally that manages brands registered not only in Cyprus/Europe but also the UK, USA, and Australia, among others. We have invested significantly in our product offering and in technological developments but also in the strategic planning of all People and Culture operations to support our company’s strategic priorities and growth.

“It is unbelievable how much the industry has evolved and changed over the years, and how we have adapted as a company to meet the needs of our diverse and ever-growing client base, who are becoming more and more knowledgeable due to having ‘easy access’ to relevant information.

“Today’s clients are more articulate, more demanding. They exert greater influence on a company’s public image, and its bottom line, than ever before. Having a logo and a little brand recognition is no longer enough! In today’s world, good marketing is all about storytelling. It’s about crafting a story and an experience around your brand that people want to buy-in to.”


Since its inception, XM has grown into a large and well-established international investment firm and a true industry leader. What makes XM the broker of choice for traders of all levels?
“Our success is built and driven by our vison, mission statement and core values. Our vision is to ‘lead and Shape the international trading industry’ and our mission statement that ‘Through our industry expertise, our innovative products, and our passion for growth, we promise all clients and partners best execution regardless of their size and empower our employees to drive change.’ Our core values are summed in 3 words ‘Big-Fair-Human’.”

• ‘Big’: We lead the way as one of the largest, most well-established providers of global financial services. We have attracted more than 4.5 million clients since our inception in 2010, with traded volume exceeding $1trn/month in 2022. Our clients stem from more than 165 countries, and we adhere to the highest regulatory standards; we are among a handful of brokers that concurrently hold regulatory licences in USA, UK, EU, and Australia. Moreover, we constantly introduce new products and services to the market, as well as state-of-the-art digital trading tools

• ‘Fair’: We are known for providing fair and transparent trading services, to all clients, irrespective of location or account balance. We were pioneers at introducing a no-requotes and no-executed-rejection policy, with 99.9 per cent of orders executed orderly and within 1 second

• ‘Human’: We treat each client as an individual, supporting their development and helping them reach their trading goals. We have dedicated account managers, 24/7 support in 30 languages and offer extensive and interactive education programmes (research portal, education platform, in-person seminars, webinars, live education)

What practices are in place that make XM special, foster a positive working environment and make XM an employer of choice?
“What makes XM and the daily experience of our people unique is the cultivation of an environment where employees express themselves freely. The cultivation of a culture of trust, an autonomous way of working and collaboration, and empowering all employees in decision-making in their areas of work, are essential to our success.

“Diversity and inclusion are critical success factors and XM has managed to successfully unite diverse cultures that reflect the different aspects of society and meet the different needs of our people. Moreover, our hiring and remuneration practices, as well as career advancement opportunities, are centered around the principle of meritocracy, where each employee has equal opportunities of advancing his/her technical and leadership skills through training and being rewarded for his/her performance based on clear expectations, goal setting and performance feedback. Our environment has been the driving force for XM to reach higher levels of success, be a dominant player on the world map, and stand out as an employer of choice.

“Our corporate values – Big-Fair-Human – which we apply to all the daily practices and operations of the organisation, our ability to adapt quickly and flexibly to the constantly changing conditions of the markets, and the environment where we operate, are what make us special.

“XM’s focus on employee well-being is an integral part of our culture and aims to improve job satisfaction, quality of work experience, engagement to the job and the company and, consequently, the quality of work produced and customer satisfaction.
“This year, in an effort for further recognition, we decided to submit our candidacy for Great Place to Work®, a global institution that sets the standard for the best workplaces worldwide. We are beyond proud to be ranked #2 in the Medium Category in this year’s Europe’s Best Workplaces™ List!! Being ranked as a top place to work among 3,000 companies and 1.4 million employees, across 37 European countries, is an incredible achievement and proof of our dedication and desire to creating the most positive and inclusive workplace possible.”

What XMers say:
• 98 per cent of our people feel that there is equal treatment regardless of nationality!

• 97 per cent of our people believe XM’s leadership is honest and ethical in their business practices!

• 96 per cent of our people are proud to share that they work for XM!

• 95 per cent of people tell us XM is a great workplace!

xm 2

As leading pioneers, XM is constantly monitoring industry trends and keeping up to date with the latest technologies, ready to adapt to the needs of your clients. Describe your pioneering approach to your services, brand values, and ethics, as well as how they have attracted clients, including millennials and Gen-Z.
“Given the online nature of our industry, it is characterised by constant advances in platform capabilities, product offerings, digitalisation and changing customer needs, as well as increasing competition, either from new entrants or new products and services from existing players. All these are constrained by the ever-changing regulatory requirements aiming to increase consumer protection and enhance the conduct of business by market participants.

“There are many reasons why traders choose XM over the many alternatives out there. Firstly, we are an industry-leading brand, having been operating globally for over a decade. The XM name has become synonymous with trust and transparency with traders all over the world.

“Our values and vision remain our driving force for maintaining our brand value, enhancing our products and services, and solidifying our leading market position. We remain ‘Big’ by attracting seasoned executives and dedicated relationship managers, enhancing our introducing broker and affiliate reward programme, establishing local offices in key countries, and receiving new regulatory licences, investing in technology, and constantly upgrading our architecture, maintaining a strong balance sheet and relationships with top-tier financial institutions.

“We remain ‘Fair’, by maintaining our immaculate trading conditions under all circumstances (i.e., increased volumes and/or market volatility), providing the same access to customer support regardless of location or account balance, introducing new products that suit the changing needs of our clientele base and regulatory standards, and enhancing our education platforms with new ways to deliver knowledge material and news to our clients.

“We remain ‘Human’ by increasing our customer support teams to ensure that a customer can connect with a human being when they need to, 24/7, by introducing new ways of client communication, enhancing our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives to support local communities all over the world, and have been recognised by organisations such as Investors in People and Great Place to Work Institute.”

XM offers an outstanding selection of high-quality educational content and market research. Tell us about that.
“At XM, we have always considered ourselves an educational broker. We want our traders to succeed, and the only way that can happen is to ensure they are as prepared and knowledgeable as possible, before they enter the market, so we put a lot of focus on financial literacy.

“At the same time, we also understand that different people like to learn in different ways. Some like to read. Others like to watch videos. Some like to learn solo, while others are more comfortable signing up for group webinars or seminars. So, it was always important for us to cater to as many of these preferences as possible.

“One of the most revolutionary things we have introduced in the last few years surrounding trading education is XM Live Education. Three rooms, for different levels of traders, with daily live sessions hosted by market experts. The idea is to provide traders with as much flexibility as possible when it comes to their learning journey. With all rooms running live sessions throughout the day, a client can log on whenever best suits their schedule and start learning.”

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