Jane Moss has won an online ladies World Bridge Federation tournament.

The Peyia-based 52-year-old came out on top against 100 ladies, many of whom have years of international competitive play experience.

As a child, Moss played cards most evenings with her family in Yorkshire. She learnt to play bridge only four years ago and was soon hooked. She now plays face-to-face four times a week and online whenever she can.

Speaking about her prestigious win, Moss said: “It was not just a question of skill, but also a challenge to maintain concentration, playing ten hands every three hours for seven days!

“The most difficult thing was focusing my mind at 4am. It reminded me of breast-feeding again!”

Moss is a member of all four bridge groups in her home Paphos district and of the Cyprus Bridge Federation.

She was coached by and was the regular online bridge partner of the late, great Bobby Jones.