The health ministry announced 11 Covid-19 deaths on Friday, nine of which occurred in the past week while a further 4,011 infections were confirmed.

That raises the total number of deaths attributed to Covid-19 to 1,237.

The health ministry added that 93 Covid-19 patients are currently in hospital.

Two of the 11 deaths were from September, two women aged 76 and 79. This week’s deaths attributed to Covid-19 are those of five men – aged 46, 72, 81, 86 and 89; along with four women – aged 63, 79, 94 and 97.

This week’s 4,011 positive test results were identified following 72,688 such checks at a positivity rate of 5.52 per cent. Of those, 70,705 were rapid tests.

Notably, 1,217 rapid tests carried out at school identified five positives at a rate of 0.41 per cent.