The radiology team of the Paphos general hospital staged an impromptu two-hour work stoppage on Friday morning, citing heavy workload and staff shortages.

According to the employees, eight people are currently absent from the Radiology Department of the Paphos General Hospital for specific reasons.

This, they said, has resulted in the staff being called upon in several cases to cover the schedule by taking even night shifts with only one person forced to work twelve-hour shifts and handle more than 25 cases.

The issue of staff shortage has been brought to the attention of the agency’s management “but so far no solutions have been found,” they said as they protested from 10am to 12pm.

Even though in some cases services are purchased from the private sector, the staff said there are still shifts where there is insufficient staff.

Furthermore, they must deal with “patients with aggressive behaviours, injured patients under the influence of alcohol, or drugs with all the unpredictable situations and consequences”.

For the problem to be resolved, competent authorities must hire an additional four people, as is the case with the Radiology Department of the Larnaca General Hospital.

They noted how rest is important, even for one weekend per month, so that they are able to provide better service to patients. If something happens, they stressed, “everyone will rush to complain, and talk about responsibilities that they currently do not care to take on”.