A bus involved in a traffic accident finally ended up lodged in the display of a store, police said on Saturday.

Shortly after 6pm on Friday in Nicosia’s Solomou Square, a bus passed through a green light but then ran into the car in front.

The bus then hit a stationary car on the corner of Anastasis Leventis and Omirou streets and then a traffic sign, finally crashing into the façade of a store where it was immobilised.

Four people, the driver of the first car and three passengers on the bus, were taken to Nicosia general hospital, where they received first aid and were discharged. The circumstances of the accident are being investigated by Nicosia traffic police.

The bus driver and the drivers of the other cars were given an alcohol test with negative results.

In a statement, the Cyprus Public Transport company said it is investigating the incident and said it will provide any assistance and information needed by the authorities.

“We are waiting for news on the condition of the injured and will give more information when it is available. We want to express our apologies to our passengers for the inconvenience suffered,” it said.