The police cybercrime unit has issued a warning that suspicious password hacking messages continue on social media, particularly Instagram.

Specifically, users receive a message from a person they know on Instagram and/or Messenger, who informs them they will receive a code on their behalf and then reveal it to this person.

In essence, this code concerns the recipient’s own account and not the sender of the message who is already using the compromised account of another victim. With this method, they gain the recipient’s trust, and also compromise their account.

The fraudsters then use the hacked accounts to encourage their online ‘friends’ to invest in various cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, etc.) and gain access to various user accounts, which they then use to trick other unsuspecting users.

In addition, recently, a violation of mobile phones has also been observed.

The public is cautioned to be extremely careful with such messages and not to disclose codes received to any person.

It is recommended that two-factor security settings for online accounts are enabled.

In the case of receiving a suspicious message or request, it is recommended to communicate via different means with the person who allegedly sent the message to confirm the request.

In case of suspected account hacking, it is recommended to immediately change the password of the account.

Further information on online scams is available on the website of the cybercrimes unit, CyberAlert.Cy.