The sports ethics committee handed over report on game fixing in Cyprus basketball to attorney-general George Savvides on Wednesday and informed him on their findings, which include criminal and disciplinary offences the attorney-general’s office will look into.

The report that the committee drafted was specifically about three matches, Enad-Apoel, Enad-Apop, and Apop-Enad.

An investigation had been ordered in early 2022 on three basketball games that took place in the 2021-2022 first division championship.

Following the meeting, Savvides said that it was constructive and useful, as it was the first meeting with the committee’s current chairman Dr Andreas Kapardis.

He added that the committee delivered their conclusion on the basketball games, which included the report and witness testimonies.

“Both the assistant attorney-general and I are completely satisfied with what we heard today, and in particular with the commitment and dedication with which the commission approaches its work,” he said.

He added that the committee must be utilised more to establish a “cleaner” sporting environment.

During the meeting, Savvides said that they all agreed that based on the spirit of the legislation that governs the establishment of the committee, it will be able to educate younger individuals by providing seminars and give recommendations to the various sports authorities, where it is found that there are investigations or information on issues related to transparency, so that they are addressed with immediate corrective measures.

He also said that the most serious task of the committee is to investigate the cases of corruption and interference in sports and in this context the investigations should be carried out quickly, while he assured the committee that his office would take measures as soon as issues are brought up by the body.

Savvides added that within the constitutional powers of his office, when deemed appropriate, the attorney-general’s office will provide for a criminal investigator if this helps to better investigate cases and to better coordinate with police.

On his part, Kapardis said that investigation into allegations of corruption in sport are important but that other measures need to be taken, other than the repressive approach, such as prevention through education.

Regarding the filed conclusion, Kapardis said that it concerns a complaint made by the basketball federation itself for three games. The committee found that there were some criminal and disciplinary offences, which the attorney-general’s office will look into.