A local secondary school aims to allow all young people access to education through its participation in a European Erasmus+ programme.

In collaboration with schools and educational organisations from five other European countries, Episkopi gymnasium in Limassol is representing Cyprus in the European programme Erasmus+ KA2 Strati Partnership.

The programme is No one Stays Behind and its principal objective is to enable all young people, especially those who are less privileged due to social or financial reasons, to have access to education. The project intends to develop proposals and practical digital educational tools that can be widely used so that this goal can be achieved.

The project coordinator is Portugal and the participating countries are Portugal, Cyprus, Italy, Belgium, Turkey and Slovenia.

Cyprus is responsible for the creation of an e-book that will describe the recommended digital tools and provide guidance to teachers and mentors on how these tools can best be exploited depending on the literacy level of their students.

Episkopi gymnasium is being represented by the vice deputy director Rodolfos Karaiskakis and faculty members Christos Neophytou, Troodia Paleologou, Florentia Koumourou, Elizabeth Antoniadou and Rea Panagiotou.