A €7.8 million national blood bank centre will be built in Nicosia in two years from now, the government announced on Tuesday.

During the contract signing ceremony, Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantela said there would be a 25-month period to study and build the project. The centre will be constructed in Yeri, Nicosia and the project is co-funded by the EU’s Recovery and Resilience plan.

The centre, which will span around 3,300 square metres, is expected to receive blood from all donation points across the country and will subsequently process, inspect, store and distribute the blood.

Around 80,000 blood products such as red blood cells, platelets and fresh frozen plasma, will be able to be distributed from the centre for clinical use throughout the country. The basement will also be a donation point and will have an independent entrance.

According to the project details, the building will have almost zero energy consumption, and the primary energy consumption of the building will not exceed 100 kWh per m² per year

“We all know how precious blood donations can be and how people may need it. Some frequently, some during urgent cases. For this reason, the state will offer a pioneering centre with the latest technology so as to give donors the possibility to do this in the easiest way possible,” Hadjipantela said.