A new information and training centre opened in Nicosia aims to offer networking and employment opportunities, particularly for vulnerable groups, President Nicos Anastasiades said on Wednesday.

Speaking from the opening ceremony at Nicosia municipality, Anastasiades said the project amounts to €900,000, seeking to strengthen employment and business activities. It highlights Cyprus’ priorities in creating “a true welfare state,” he added.

Housed at the Fineas building it aims to help vulnerable groups find work, help in improving a good work-life balance, tackle social exclusion, help with personal development, encourage business activity and offer social services in underdeveloped urban areas.

“Importantly, this centre will benefit unemployed people, those on guaranteed minimum income, single parents, former addicts, third-country nationals, illiterate people and those with disabilities.”

Located in the heart of the old town, the centre aims to offer support schemes to help vulnerable groups find a job or re-enter the workplace. To this end, it will also work with businesses aiming to make them more sensitive to some issues members of society may face.

The centre will also offer trainings aiming to help vulnerable groups develop professional and social skills.