State secondary school teachers’ union Oelmek on Thursday complained that decisions taken at the ministerial level are overturned or not implemented at lower levels of the education ministry’s hierarchy and threatened to take action if something was not done about it.

Oelmek in an announcement said the syllabus for the four-month exams in January has not yet been announced, despite the fact that in a recent meeting between the union and the ministry, it was agreed that this would be done no later than December 21.
It added that this exacerbates the uncertainty, anxiety and stress of students and teachers.

“Oelmek requests an immediate meeting with the minister of education, in order to clarify at the highest level all issues related to these tactics and manipulations. Otherwise, it warns that, due to the irresponsible manipulations of certain high-ranking officials of the ministry of education, it will proceed with the adoption of measures,” it concluded.