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Asian tiger mosquito detected in north

tiger mosquito
Female Tiger mosquito

‘Authorities’ in the north have detected Asian tiger mosquitoes in Kyrenia after special mosquito traps were laid in some areas, local press reported on Wednesday.

Media reports refer to statements by the ‘ministry of health’ that all the necessary measures have been taken by primary healthcare units. It is noted that the mosquito in question can cause dengue and yellow fever, and provoke particular allergic reactions to West Nile virus, Zika virus and Chikungunya virus.

The ‘health ministry’ informed the public that these mosquitoes can multiply and thrive in small puddles, and recommended that people identify possible breeding and living areas in homes, gardens and balconies, and take precautions.

Flower pot trays, decorative ponds, and pets bowls provide easy breeding places for these mosquitoes, and the water in them needs to be changed once a week, the announcement recommended.

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