Authorities in the north of the island have reportedly seized several packets containing 75 kilograms of cannabis that washed up on the beach, in what could be related to similar incidents in the south in recent days.

Reports in the Turkish Cypriot media said police there confiscated the 75 kilos between December 18 and January 1. Authorities have asked the public not to handle any such packets they may spot on the beach.

Earlier, it was reported that in the south during the same time period a series of packets containing cannabis had likewise washed up ashore in the Famagusta area. Reports spoke of between 20 and 30 kilos.

The latest such find and seizure(three packets) in the south occurred on Friday and Sunday when they found two packages.

Details were sketchy, and police spokesman Christos Andreou on Monday could not confirm the precise amounts seized by Republic of Cyprus police.

The Drug Squad could not be reached for comment.

On whether the drugs washing up in the south and the north may be connected, Andreou said “possibly.”

For the time being, their working hypothesis is that someone may have thrown the packets into the sea to get rid of them.