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Kiki Theo: Wealth Expansion Expert (Cape Town, South Africa)


Kiki Theo is a rare combination of successful businesswoman and skilled transformational facilitator focused on wealth expansion. She is a wealth expansion author, teacher, catalyst, money coach, energetic intuitive, executive mentor, and business strategist

Kiki, your journey has been one of transcending – fate, humble beginnings, expectations, paradoxes, being Greek, early childhood trauma, and especially, deep introversion. Could you elaborate?
“My story is woven through the pages of my various books. It is long and complex. I was born in Piraeus to immigrant Romanian Greek parents who had fled communism. My father was a skilled wood carver who founded a furniture company with little more than his talent. All was well until my mother abandoned us when I was two years old.

“I was cared for by strangers, until my father remarried, and we moved to South Africa to try to start a new life. I was a very shy, quiet child who did not eat much and sobbed through the night from nightmares, but given the mindset of the day, it was believed that a good hiding could solve the most problems. Although she had good intentions, my new mother was a very harsh disciplinarian.

“My stepmother viewed our circumstances as being poor even though we lived a very modest and humble life and had all we needed. The relatives left behind in Romania, who were truly suffering under communist rule, received every spare nickel from my father, who on the other hand, always rejoiced in our good fortune.

“I should have married a Greek boy considering my parents only mixed with other Greeks. Without a doubt, I should not have started a business, much less in the male-dominated areas where, for various reasons, I have done the most of my work. And I certainly did not anticipate being in my current situation.”

What was your primary purpose for establishing the Wealth Works Institute?
“Wealth Works Institute is the container for all my work. Money, energy, and consciousness are its main focuses. I created it as a place that exists both physically and metaphysically to give birth to a fresh understanding of wealth and business. The Money Alchemy work connects alchemy, personal transformation, and pure business. The mission of Wealth Works is to expand beingness, consciousness, and havingness among people, in business as well as worldwide. It also aims to inspire, energise, raise to the next level, and function as a catalyst for transformation.”

Why is it important to teach and write about wealth expansion?
“Many people avoid talking about money. We never talked about it at home. Greeks, of course, being so terrified of gaining attention, always conceal or downplay their successes. However, we need money, and we need it in the proper hands, if we want to transform the world and stop the numerous atrocities being committed right now across the globe.

09“Early on, it seemed to me that most of the world’s good deed-doers—social activists, environmentalists, and spiritual people—were invariably poor. Furthermore, they appeared to have an extremely unfavourable opinion of money. It is basically bad, corrupt, and corrupting. I wanted to alter this perception. I wanted to help, especially the kind-hearted changemakers who want to alter their relationship with money, draw in more of it, and utilise it for good. This was one of my first motivations for this work.

“Money is presented as energy, a teacher, a relationship, a potential, and a process of personal transformation in my first book, Money Alchemy: Into Wealth and Beyond. I offer creative processes, such as writing and drawing, to help individuals identify and alter ingrained attitudes and ideas about money. This enables them to attract more money into their lives. humorously and light-heartedly.

08“This leads to my second book, Money Well – How to contain wealth, in which I utilise the metaphor of a container to demonstrate how it is important to contain wealth, dreams, abilities, and all other facets of life. I go over the definition of containment, why a container is necessary, what it truly entails, and how to transform leaks and blockages into money flow. For many people, this truly alters their lives.”

How has your unique approach helped countless individuals realise their full potential, achieve their goals, and attract wealth?
“I began my effort by disclosing the strategies that had enabled me to rise from impoverished origins to a financially independent retirement in my thirties. Since then, many business owners, creatives, and ordinary individuals have used this work to significantly improve their lives and businesses. This work is quite different and has many levels. Because it causes change in people and in the way they carry out their daily activities, it is outcomes-oriented and produces results. And my unique tools truly do work.

“My strategy combines finance with metaphysics. On the one hand, I provide practical business advice from a person who has built numerous companies from the ground up. I can provide helpful business tools, advice, and mentoring because I have experience doing it and understand how it feels.

“I am a professional transformational facilitator with a background in Jungian psychology, among other healing and transformational modalities, metaphysics, mindfulness, and energetic transmutation. That influences how I help people reach new levels of being and hold room for their development, both financially and throughout their lives. I have combined my life’s training into the creation of my Money Energetics guided processing, which can help shift energy around money enabling wealth to flow. My work is a journey, and most people who start, continue for many years to come, which I think speaks for the work itself.”

Is change possible at any age or are there limitations?
“I firmly believe that change is possible and can occur at anytime and anywhere. I believe in miracles, wonders, and the impossible. Regardless of age, I believe we are always given the option to either maintain the status quo, the conventional, the accepted norm, the comfortable, or take a chance and fly.

“Every individual who has achieved success, every philosopher, leader, inventor, as well as every person who is truly content with their existence, has at some point had to make this decision. We all deserve to be content and lead fulfilling lives. The decision is whether to commit to that or opt for mediocrity, suffering, or something less.”

Most highly successful individuals do not share their secrets to success, yet you are an open book. Why did you decide to share the strategies that made you financially independent?
“Motivation is the key. Helping people has always been what drives me. I started leading a counselling group in school when I was quite young. During the holidays, I went to play with the physically and mentally challenged. I tried to aid drug users. I studied psychology for this reason – to help others.

“I never intended to be wealthy or successful. People would always respond, “I need to learn how to do that, how to make money,” when I would describe what I did as portfolio management, which I had to explain as “creating money for people.” To assist all these individuals who were asking, I considered creating a book about making money from a new perspective. Additionally, to support the world’s humanitarians.”

Women in business bring skills that can shift workplace culture. What characteristics do you think women have that make them excellent business leaders?
“Women naturally excel at diplomacy, leadership, and balance. The mother’s voice is the initial voice of command for every human being on the globe. From the president to the pope, all men were likely both born and nurtured by women. A man’s formative years are moulded by the strength and determination of a woman. Therefore, if a woman connects with this energy and part of womanhood, men find it simple to accept her leadership and direction.

“I focus my discussions on men because they still dominate the globe. Women can bring out a softer side of males, which is advantageous for everyone in the office provided the dynamics are maintained. Men also like to protect and nurture women because they have a mother, sisters, or a wife. Yin and yang energies are balanced as a result. The yin energy is not always held by the woman and the yang energy is not always held by the male. Both factors are at play here. In my book, Relationship Alchemy – how to align wealth, life, and love, I discuss this yin-yang balance in business.”

02What is next on the cards for Kiki Theo?
“I am incredibly fortunate to be leading an amazing version of my life. I have a modest home on the beach with a view of the sea. A few times a week, I take a stroll along the beach to get to my writing studio, which is close by and offers views of the vibrant caiques in the harbour of Kalk Bay. Every two weeks, I spend a few days consulting with clients I have known for more than ten years. They come from all around the world.

“I hope to keep writing and publishing books in the future. I would like to continue consulting with my clients, deliver additional online presentations and training, and have the books translated into more languages. But not too much because I intend to follow my father’s advice before he passed away – to visit Greece so that I can fully grasp the idea of enjoying life to the fullest.

“Finding out what we need to live, in my opinion, is crucial and the foundation of what I teach. Elegantly, cheerfully, and simply; not to lose sight of the important aspects of life in the pursuit of amassing stuff and filling our time. That notion, in my opinion, is the essence of Greekness as well.”

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