A national guard officer who posted TikTok videos saying being gay goes against nature caused uproar on Wednesday, with a slew of complaints filed to the defence ministry and police.

Ombudswoman Maria Stylianou Lottides issued a statement saying the video created feelings of disgust, while she strongly condemned “the extreme racist language”. She called on the minister of defence to take action immediately.

“He humiliates and degrades human dignity which could drive other people to commit violent acts against the LGBTI community.”

The contentious video begins with the non-commissioned officer (NCO) saying: “You are gay and wrong, going against nature.”

“You should shut your ass and your mouth and work with the tools you have to become a man, in the way God naturally created you.”

Accept LGBTI blasted the content, saying the man had also posted other material telling the world that if he had a gay son, he would shoot him.

“This is an unbelievable video where an NCO goes on a vile, extreme, hate-filled rampage, degrading the LGBTI community.”

According to the organisation, the NCO has a slew of videos it describes as homophobic on his TikTok page.

Both the defence minister and police are reportedly investigating the matter, while complaints have also been sent to the ombudswoman’s office, which spurred her to issue her statement.

Lottides said the contentious video confirms that despite positive developments in cementing human rights for LGBTQI people through a legal framework, the reality shows that there are still members of society which are extremely vulnerable to homophobic stances, views and attitudes.

Accept LGBTI called on the authorities to act accordingly, saying they should send a zero-tolerance message with their actions.

“This video is concrete proof on the need for more effective legislation for hate speech but to also educate society on LGBTI matters, through education.

“Such videos are unacceptable in a European country in 2023.”