Frequent bus routes and the correct infrastructure is needed to increase the use of public transport, Transport Minister Yiannis Karousos said during a visit to the Park and Ride station in Alambra on Wednesday.

A new proposal for the public transport system has been formulated with Disy head and presidential candidate Averof Neophytou which aims to offer free bus travel for all residents, the minister said.

This will include the transport of all students to schools with a door-to-door policy, Karousos said. Already this is being trialled in some areas.

Regarding university students, plans also include their transport to universities, with efforts to record the number in each district so as to offer this service for free.

“Buses will be accessible to all citizens within a reasonable time from their homes,” the minister noted, adding that he will strengthen the current infrastructure and increase the number of park and ride schemes in all cities.

“It is a given that to increase the use of public transport and the use of the bus there must be the right infrastructure and frequent routes,” Karousos said.

This, together with the free service which will now be offered by public passenger transport, “will increase and enhance the use of buses and reduce traffic,” the minister added.

Echoing his statement, Averof highlighted how these specific policies will come to add to the serious efforts which have been made for the national traffic system and will “significantly reduce the traffic problem”.

“We have been doing this successfully for years for military personnel, where buses take them from their province to their place of service. Practically, simple things that can provide significant mitigation of the current problem,” he said from the park and ride station.