If you want to dive into an environment of experts and build a career in international fintech, then Quadcode is happy to provide such an opportunity to talented specialists. Since the company’s Cyprus office is rapidly growing, we’d like to share some insights about the company’s team, products, and its future plans.

Quadcode Team

Currently, there are 800+ specialists in the holding, most of whom are middle- and senior-level specialists. Quadcode’s main office is located in Limassol, Cyprus, but the company plans to open one more office in Larnaca next year. Quadcode is a truly international company, with five offices spread around the world, including Gibraltar, the UAE, England and Australia.

Quadcode creates perfect conditions that are vital for the development of experts: professional training, transparent and understandable work processes, and much more. Quadcode’s employees share their expertise in articles on Medium and speak at meet-ups and international conferences. If you are interested in joining the company, you are welcome to check the hottest vacancies here.

The company always remembers the importance of work-life balance: Quadcode organises cooking workshops, pool parties, and even wine tastings for employees. The company has a separate team that runs corporate and charity events and ensures that they are held at the highest level.

Products created by the Quadcode Team

Quadcode’s flagship product is the trading platform. The platform’s user base has grown from 950,000 to 88 million in 170+ countries over eight years of development. Since 2020, Quadcode has been developing the trading platform as an SaaS solution, on the basis of which anyone can open and run their own broker.

Brief summary of the products

SaaS trading platform

The Quadcode team has developed a platform with 99.5 per cent uptime from scratch, on the basis of which the broker has been successfully functioning for over eight years.

Users can trade the following instruments:

● Digital options;
● FX options;
● CFD;
● Forex and more.

Lately, the platform has been developing as a SaaS solution. In this way, anyone can organise their own broker without much effort, with the help of the SaaS solution, since everything is in a turnkey box: trading service, KYC procedures, billing, support, CRM. In short, all clients get a fully-packed business, tailored to their needs. Read more about the SaaS product here.


Banking is the second product, and it provides B2B and B2C customers with the following features:

● Remote onboarding for individuals and legal entities.
● Access to the account via mobile application and online banking.
● Multicurrency accounts in IBAN format.
● SEPA, TARGET2, and SWIFT transfers.
● Issuance of plastic and virtual cards.

The plans to expand functionality will allow the building of an extensive network of channels, to simplify cross-border payment processing worldwide and provide customers with the most comprehensive range of services.

Internal developments

In addition, Quadcode invests in developing its own solutions to provide a comfortable and flexible professional environment for employees at work. The company has developed its own data bus, Sandbox, and Central Information System. You can read more about them, and Quadcode’s technological experience in the Medium blog.

In conclusion

Quadcode continues its development while planning new activities in Cyprus, including the creation of a new office, charity projects and professional meet-ups. The company’s long-term and ambitious plans are to enter the Australian market and to become a publicly-traded company. Sounds cool! We wish the company luck.

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