Larnaca is seeing millions of euros go towards anti-flooding works, with the Tersefanou dam and Archangelos anti-flooding dam in Aradippou set to contribute towards overall citizen protection, Agriculture Minister Costas Kadis said on Thursday.

Visiting the dams being constructed, he said the projects contribute to Cyprus’ overall water balance. “Due to climate change, the water resources we accumulate naturally are becoming all the more limited, while demand is increasing. Therefore we need to find ways around this.”

“Tertiary water treatment is certainly an option we take advantage of. The Larnaca station is already working and the Tersefanou dam is being used to store the water that is produced from the station, so that this can then be distributed to the crops of the area,” Kadis said.

“The agriculture ministry’s strategy is to tackle flooding and therefore two important projects are underway in Aradippou, with the Archangelos and Kamitsi dams, at a cost of €9 million, which was a long-standing demand of the area.”

Kadis said the Tersefanou project is expected to be completed by next summer at a cost of €12m, with a similar cost extending to the pipelines that will distribute the water to the surrounding area.

Asked about how full the dams are, he said it was at around 66 per cent, with the hope there would be more rains.