A 23-year-old Paphos resident who reported he was beaten by his flatmates will be deported after police found he has been living in Cyprus illegally, police said on Sunday.

According to a police bulletin, the 23-year-old reported on Saturday afternoon that while at home with his flatmates, one of them attacked and hit him, while another injured him with a knife in his back and neck. This happened without any reason, he told officers.

The man went to Paphos general hospital where he was found to have suffered injuries to his nose and lips, as well as bruises on his right shoulder blade and neck.

He was discharged after receiving first aid.

The two who injured him, aged 33, were arrested and remanded for three days.

The 23-year-old and another three of his flatmates were arrested however they will deported as they were found to be living in Cyprus illegally.