Last year was another pivotal year for Gesy, operator Health Insurance Organisation (HIO) said on Wednesday in a statement taking stock of the national health scheme’s work in the past year.

“Gradually emerging from the Covid-19 pandemic, to which Gesy contributed crucially, the organisation was called upon to face new, equally significant challenges of vital importance,” the statement said.

“Taking stock of 2022, all signs are positive, with beneficiaries enjoying advantages and benefits of exceptional importance,” it added. “The national health scheme, which was universally embraced and supported by the public, proves its dynamism through the numbers recorded every year.”

From the beginning of 2022 to the end of December, 801,930 beneficiaries visited personal doctors and 608,120 visited specialist doctors.

A total of 667,659 beneficiaries were prescribed medications through the system. It was also noted at the moment Gesy covers 2,100 medications.

Of the people that used Gesy for other services, 500,075 beneficiaries received laboratory tests, 278,911 visited dentists, and 155,966 were served by other health professionals.

In addition, 122,551 beneficiaries visited Accident and Emergency departments and 105,874 received inpatient care services.

“The Health Insurance Organisation, seeking to shield the scheme, proceeded with decisive changes and modifications, strengthened controls, enriched existing services and introduced new ones, strengthened the position of beneficiaries within Gesy, thus ensuring that the beneficiaries receive more and upgraded services on a continuous basis,” the statement said.

The statement also said the HIO took strict measures to limit system exploitation by providers and beneficiaries.

Highlighting as an important development the inclusion of three new hospitals, four palliative care centres and two dialysis units into the scheme, the statement also recalled the establishment of on-call services for personal doctors during weekends and holidays

“The Health Insurance Organisation, listening to the needs of society, works continuously with the aim of providing constantly upgraded health services to the beneficiaries of Gesy.”