Larnaca Airport customs officers recently ramped up checks on passengers departing to UK airports, they announced on Tuesday.

Last Wednesday, the customs department seized seventy 50g tobacco packages, and 24 cartons of cigarettes from a passenger’s luggage.

Additionally, seven 50g packets of tobacco, six cigarette cartons, and ten individual cigarette packs were found on another passenger, while a third passenger was found with 23 cartons of cigarettes.

The following day, another passenger was caught with 122 cartons.

Meanwhile, customs carried out similar controls at the Ayios Dometios cross-point.

On Saturday the customs department found and seized 25 cigarette cartons and 220 50g tobacco packs from a vehicle. The vehicle, used for the illegal transport of the tobacco products to the south, was also impounded.

The suspects admitted that they bought the duty-free tobacco products from the north, intending to smuggle them to the United Kingdom.

For all five cases, an out-of-court settlement was accepted with a total fine payment of €19,900 and the handing over of the seized products.

The vehicle was returned to its owner following a restitution fine of €500.