Lycavitos police station in Nicosia appears to have been among the targets of a criminal organisation based in Greece, it emerged on Tuesday.

According to daily Philenews, a photo of the station was found in the electronic possession of members of the gang during an investigation of evidence seized by Greek police.

This information was immediately communicated by Athens Interpol to Nicosia, leading to immediate stepping up of vigilance and security measures on this end.

Investigations are focused on why the Lycavitos police station should become the target of criminals, currently an unknown.

Neither suspects nor witnesses are detained long-term at this station, which makes it puzzling that a photo of it would be kept by criminals.

The Greek operation to root out the criminal organisation took place on December 13 in Attica, during which six Serbs and Albanians, between the ages of 26 and 47, three Greek men, aged 28, 29 and 31, and two Greek women, aged 28 and 32 were arrested. The 29 and 28-year-old, are a couple, both teachers at a west Attica school.

During the bust, Greek police seized weapons, TNT, other explosive-production materials, fake IDs, and large quantities of illegal drugs.

The organisation had an impressive criminal history according to the Attica chief police commissioner, and the drug quantities seized as well as the gang’s level of planning and protection, would have enabled illegal receipts of at least €250,000.

In Cyprus meanwhile, police spokesperson Eleni Constantinou offered assurances that all the necessary information has been received and is being evaluated.

“This is a sensitive matter which we are handling, and all necessary measures are being taken,” Constantinou said.

For his part, Isotita police union spokesman Nicos Loizides once again re-iterated it was crucial to reinforce security of police, noting that fully trained ‘first line’ police officers only number about 1,000, which is insufficient for meeting the island’s current policing needs and challenges.