A man and a woman were arrested in Paphos on Thursday evening after police discovered the woman attempted to end her pregnancy after taking some unprescribed pills.

According to Paphos police spokesman Michalis Nicolaou, the couple arrived at the Paphos general hospital on Thursday at 6pm. The woman, who was bleeding, was admitted to the obstetrics ward of the hospital.

Doctors told her she had had a miscarriage after taking the pills earlier in the day. She was ten weeks pregnant.

She discharged herself and went home but the doctors informed the police of the fact.

Later in the day, officers went to her house after which she was rushed back to the hospital, where doctors operated her and removed the foetus.

Abortion in Cyprus is legal until the foetus is 12 weeks old, but the procedure must be carried out in hospital under medical supervision.

The woman was arrested but remained in hospital under police custody. Her husband was also arrested for conspiracy and attempted abortion.