People that test positive for Covid-19 and are in isolation are allowed to go vote at presidential elections if they wear a mask, the health ministry said on Monday.

According to an announcement from the public health department, they will be allowed to leave their house and go to the election centre either by foot or with their own private car to vote.

The individual will also be required to wear a mask, as will all election personnel working on February 5 and February 12.

The department also recommended that all voters where a mask when at the election centre.

Centres will be aired out appropriately, and the voting booths will not have a curtain. Staff will be frequently disinfecting the surfaces.

All voters will be required to disinfect their hands upon entry and exit from the election centre.

Regarding staff hygiene, the announcement states that all the employees of the election centres and the representatives of the candidates are recommended to carry out a self-test for Covid-19, the day before the elections.

Also, all personnel working at the centre must be trained in personal protection precautions and rules. Staff showing symptoms of the disease should refrain from work and contact their GP immediately by phone. If symptoms occur during work, the staff member should leave work immediately. Such staff may exercise their right to vote before leaving.

During the election process, it should be ensured that the access to the polling centres is conducted without crowding and that the canopies and equipment are disinfected at regular intervals.

At the end of the election process, the rooms that will be used as election centres should be naturally ventilated for at least half an hour and disinfected.