Prison director Anna Aristotelous and her senior officer Athena Demetriou are filing criminal charges against police officer Michalis Katsounotos who, they claim, attempted to secure damaging footage of them after colluding with an inmate.

The private prosecution will be filed to court within this week, Politis reported.

It comes after the attorney-general (AG) decided not to prosecute the drug squad chief Katsounotos saying he was trying to obtain information as part of his job to uncover potential offences carried out by members of the prison service.

Commenting on the two women’s decision to individually initiate criminal proceedings, Justice Minister Stephie Dracou said it is their “right”.

“It is the right of Ms Aristotelous and Ms Demetriou to do so, so I have no comment on this,” she replied to a journalist’s question about the matter during the signing of a cooperation protocol with the Greek Minister of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection, Christos Stylianidis.

Asked about Aristotelous and Demetriou’s request f last year or their transfer to the audit office, Dracou said her office received a new letter by Aristotelous earlier today.

“I will study [it] and you will certainly have my views on its content soon,” the minister said, noting she was not yet aware of the contents of the letter.

Dracou then referred to the statement she had recently issued, highlighting that she will meet and discuss with Aristotelous and Demetriou after they return from their sick leave.

The justice ministry has appointed a prisons’ acting director as a temporary replacement.