A presentation talk in the Greek-Cypriot dialect will take place on February 2 at Social Space Kaymakkin, explaining the Black Panther Party, how it begun, why and what it stands for. Though the talk will be delivered in Greek, the organisers say that a whisper translation in English will be offered to anyone who needs it.

The organisers comment: “Over half a century since its founding, the Black Panther Party remains one of the most remarkable instances of radical mass mobilisation in recent history. Rising against the ‘racist and fascist government’ of the US, thousands of Panthers armed themselves and pledged allegiance to the cause of liberation of the oppressed both at home and abroad.

“This introductory presentation tries to unpack the political phenomenon called the Black Panther Party by delineating the local and global context in which the Panthers were formed and the ideological framework within which they positioned themselves, and by tracing some of the main strategies they employed and the actions they implemented. Finally, it will look at the brutal state repression that led to the Black Panther Party’s demise and that attempted to silence and distort their radical legacy.”


The Black Panther Party

Introductory talk. February 2. Social Space Kaymakkin, Nicosia. 7pm. Free. Facebook page @SocialSpaceKaymakkin