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The greatest TV show no one has ever seen

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ChatGPT has caused a stir in the world of education but reviewers should also beware says CONSTANTINOS PSILLIDES

7 Deaths by Morning is a must-watch series for fans of mystery and suspense. The plot revolves around a string of mysterious deaths that occur every morning and the efforts of a detective to uncover the truth behind them. The writing is sharp and keeps you guessing until the very end, with each episode building on the tension and intrigue.

The cast is talented and delivers powerful performances, bringing the characters to life. The lead detective is especially compelling, with a complex and nuanced portrayal that keeps you invested in his journey. The supporting characters are also well-developed and add depth to the story.

The cinematography is stunning, capturing the mood and atmosphere of each scene perfectly. The moody lighting and tight camera work help to create a sense of tension and unease that keeps you on the edge of your seat. The music and sound design are also noteworthy, adding to the overall suspenseful and haunting vibe of the series. It does an excellent job of building tension and keeping you engaged from start to finish.

Whether you’re a fan of crime dramas or just looking for a thrilling series to sink your teeth into, 7 Deaths by Morning is definitely worth your time.

A final note to consider before firing up your computer to look for this show: It doesn’t exist.

There’s no such thing. Never made, only lives in my imagination, along with the second season of Firefly and a decent ending for Quantum Leap. This, of course, leads us to the next logical step of this illogical, one-sided, conversation. Why did I write a review for a series that doesn’t exist?

I didn’t.

This whole review for a series that isn’t real was generated by OpenAI’s chatbot ChatGPT, using the prompt “write a review for 7 Deaths by Morning. In 5.2 seconds (I counted), I got the text you read above. Grammatically correct, linguistically flawless and ready to be passed as a legit review by an actual reviewer. I’m not blowing your mind right now: ChatGPT’s capabilities have been available to the public since November, and there are articles upon articles of tech experts explaining the merits, the shortcomings and possible future for this technology. I can’t speak of that, but I can speak as a journalist whose job is threatened by this newly unveiled technology. The industry will take a hit, and anyone doubting that should check with their local switchboard operator or factory worker. But that doesn’t mean that we are at the end. The introduction of AI isn’t a threat. It’s an opportunity.

Experts almost universally agree that the biggest problem with AI-generated content is that it lacks depth and insight. And they are right. Go back to the review. Upon more careful examination, it reads less like something created by a HAL-like superior overlord and more like a book report from someone who didn’t read the book but has heard others talk about it. But perhaps that was because I asked it for a review of a non-existent movie. Would it fare better with an existing one?

I put it to the test: could it generate a review for James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way of Water? It could, and it did in 10 seconds. I don’t have the space to put it here but suffice it to say that it went deep into analysing the movie, discussing characters and explaining plotlines the way a genuine reviewer would. ‘All right,’ I thought to myself, ‘so this is how Skynet starts. Surely, though, it can’t mimic humour’. I asked it to make the review funnier. It could, and it did. In a way, no one would be able to tell the difference.

The second review was better because other reviewers, actual people, wrote about it so the AI could copy their work and rephrase it.

So, why is it not a threat but an opportunity? Because it will force everyone in the industry to up their game or up and leave. Expertise now comes into play, the ability to get down to the nitty-gritty and the technical. Not “the actor gave a stunning performance” but defining exactly what makes that performance stunning. Talk expertly about lighting, framing and analyse the motifs and symbolism. Along with expertise, individuality will also be highly sought after. Not sounding like all the others, have a distinct style, something that is recognisable and above else cannot be easily copied.

Here’s to hoping no AI gets the idea to insert dated 80s references into articles.

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