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Failed second-round candidates ponder options

Προεδρικές Εκλογές 2023 – Υποβολή υπ
Achilleas Demetriades

Elam will determine who the next president is, according to the party – which has sent a list of questions to be answered by the two remaining presidential candidates.

Elam’s Christos Christou, and unsuccessful presidential candidate, came fourth with 6.04 per cent of the vote.

The party’s comments came ahead of the runoff presidential elections set to be held between Andreas Mavroyiannis and Nikos Christodoulides this Sunday.

The party appears confident that it will have a major role to play in Sunday’s deciding vote, with Elam’s press spokesman stating on Tuesday that the party is “the next great power”.

“Disy is split, it was already cleaved apart between Christodoulides-Averof,” Geadis Geadi said, adding that now there are further divisions as some Disy voters may choose Mavroyiannis, and others will simply abstain.

Geadi clarified that neither of the remaining candidates have reached out to Elam for a meeting, as has happened with almost all other candidates that failed to get into the second round, but he said that Elam remains open to all and is willing to talk to anyone.

He emphasised that there are clear differences between Elam and Christodoulides-Mavroyiannis but “that’s democracy, if we didn’t have different opinions then there wouldn’t have been so many candidates”.

Noting that the difference between the two candidates is likely quite small, he concluded that Elam will decide by Thursday or Friday if it will back either.

Elsewhere, independent candidate Achilleas Demetriades – who secured 2.05 per cent of the vote (8,137 votes), and also did not pass to the next round – said he will announce whom he will support on Thursday.

Demetriades clarified that his expression of support will be personal and will not constitute a call for his backers to follow suit simply on his instruction to do so.

He explained that he met with Christodoulides on Tuesday morning and has sent a list of proposals to which he is expecting a response to by Wednesday.

Demetriades is to meet with Mavroyiannis at 8am Wednesday.

Unsuccessful presidential candidate George Colocassides also met with Christodoulides with the latter stating that they had a great talk – with the Cyprus problem as the main issue discussed.

Colocassides received 1.33 per cent of the vote.

Christodoulides explained his vision of solving the Cyprus problem to Colocassides, where he emphasised that it means the EU taking a leading role on the matter.

They also discussed ways of combating corruption.

Colocassides said that he will make further statements in the coming days.







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