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AGGA-GAGA: spontaneous music at Cornaro Art Institute

agga agga

AGGA-GAGA is an adventurous music-making electric guitar duo formed in March 2022 by performer-composers Alkis Nicolaides and Georgios Bizios that is performing at Cornaro Art Institute this February.

Their performances explore the intersection of diverse musical logics and traditions, ranging from jazz, rock and pop to avant-garde and noise music, through various types of compositional and improvisational forms. The duo has performed at festivals for improvised and experimental music in Cyprus as well as in Beirut, Lebanon and their next gig will take place in Limassol on February 19.

“At an AGGA-GAGA concert,” say organisers, “the audience will have the opportunity to experience a musical conversation in a wide sonic spectrum produced by a plethora of effect pedals, non-conventional guitar techniques as well as non-musical objects and materials. The duo’s current work focuses on scores that combine traditional western notation with textual and graphic representation of music that rely on the performer’s real-time interpretation.”

Both Nicolaides and Bizios are musicians involved in a variety of creative projects. Nicolaides is a guitarist, improviser, composer and educator from Nicosia whose original work takes many forms, influenced by a wide array of musical traditions. His performances include original explosive jazz-influenced metal music – battle jazz – ASMR cooking performance art, contemporary western art chamber music, music for home appliances, and improvised duets with his pseudo-AI computer instrument named Challenger.

Bizios is a guitarist, composer, improviser and interdisciplinary artist from Limassol. Throughout his career, he has been part of music ensembles, interdisciplinary art projects, performance art, contemporary dance and theatre productions. Bizios’ practice explores ideas like improvisation in different contexts and structures, contemporary compositional forms and extended guitar techniques. Some of his works were presented at several festivals and residency programs in Cyprus and abroad. The musicians’ newest project takes flesh and bone in AGGA-GAGA, as it prepares to introduce it to more audiences with this upcoming Limassol gig.



Concert by adventurous music-making electric guitar duo, Alkis Nicolaides and Georgios Bizios. February 19. Cornaro Art Institute, Limassol. Doors open at 6pm, music starts at 6.30pm. €10 (cash only). Tel: 99-161977

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