The trial of British pensioner David Hunter, who is accused of murdering his wife, was on Friday postponed as his defence asked for more time to prepare their legal arguments.

Both prosecution and defence were due to present their arguments on Friday.

Hunter, now 75, suffocated his wife to death in December 2021, who was 75 at the time. She suffered from leukemia and Hunter claims Janice begged him to take her life so she would no longer suffer.

After killing her, Hunter attempted to take his own life by overdosing on pills with alcohol, though he was found by police officers and had his stomach pumped.

Police had been alerted when Hunter called his brother in the UK and told him what happened. He in turn alerted police.

Officers also went to Hunter’s daughter’s home in the UK and she begged him not to take his life. It was recorded in a video, as police suggested it could be used as evidence.

On Friday, both defence and prosecution agreed that a testimony from the person who recorded the video was not necessary.

It was filmed by Hunter’s granddaughter. Both sides agreed that due to her being a minor, a statement would not be necessary.

The defence team for Hunter is trying to throw out his initial testimony out the window, under the argument that he was dissociating at the time and not in a mental or physical state to give testimony.

The implication would mean that his confession would no longer be considered in the court case – and potentially impact the charge of premeditated murder.