Former transport minister and presidential candidate Marios Eliades has called on president-elect Nikos Christodoulides to “be daring” and appoint Andreas Mavroyiannis as his foreign minister.

Mavroyiannis, who lost the presidential race against Christodoulides by 3.82 per cent, is a man of “proven rare integrity, excellent scientific literacy and professional experience as a diplomat,” Eliades said in an open letter published on Wednesday.

He said the appointment of Mavroyiannis to the foreign ministry would be welcomed by EU partners and would be a sigh of relief for Turkish Cypriots “behind the barbed wire” that hope for a solution to the Cyprus problem remains alive.

Christodoulides is currently carrying out meetings with party leaders as part of his efforts to create what he describes “a government of broad social acceptance”.

Opting to appoint Mavroyiannis in a ministerial post which actually prove Christodoulides’ claim that he is a president for all Cypriots, Eliades added.

“Bravely overcome the closemindedness that has become political practice for decades, where the cabinet is only comprised of people who supported the president’s candidacy for the post.”

Closer to home, an appointment of this sort would send the right message to the public that would strengthen its faith that every effort will be taken to break the deadlock in the Cyprus problem.

“It would also send a clear message of reconciliation and unity to our people. I believe such an act from your part would offer relief to our weary people that are chronically disappointed over the standard of our political life, that makes people believe we politicians are not worthy of the great and true.”

Eliades had announced his candidacy over a year ago but pulled out of the running after failing to secure a consensus between political forces, candidates and members of the public, who shared similar goals, fears and concerns.

He specified in his letter he had not supported Christodoulides’ presidential candidacy but hoped his opinion could be still be heard by the president-elect as Mavroyiannis’ appointment “would be good for the future of the country”.