The schedule for this year’s Cyprus-Greece ferry service will be announced by the beginning of March, deputy shipping minister Vasilis Demetriades said on Friday.

He said the ferry is expected to resume between May and June and will run through to September.

There’s a chance that the ports of call may change slightly compared to last year, although this is yet to be confirmed.

He emphasised that the company managing the link is receiving significant interest and must publish the schedule soon so people can plan their holidays.

Demetriades told Alpha he does not expect the prices to be any different to last season’s. If there are some increases, he explained, this will just be a few euros due to port fees.

Indications so far point to increased uptake this year. During its first season about 7,500 travellers used the ferry, which also transported 2,500 cars.

Officials have said that it proved particularly popular with students who sought to take or bring back more belongings from abroad as it is cheaper and easier than via airplane.

The ferry has also been praised as an important tool for those fearful of flying, offering them an alternative way of travelling abroad.

The first ferry trip between Cyprus and Greece in 21 years took place in June last year, dropping anchor in the Greek port of Piraeus, having departed from Limassol.

Demetriades previously said that improvements to the services onboard are expected, while there was also talk of adding more routes – but this was not expanded upon on Friday.