Cyprus’ first crossover transplant will be performed on March 1, the health ministry announced on Sunday.

According to the ministry, the kidney transplant will take place at the new transplant clinic at Nicosia General.

the transplant will take place following the transnational agreement signed in 2017 between Cyprus and Israel and the bilateral contacts made by Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantela during his visit to Israel last September.

The organs will be received at 9:35am at Larnaca airport.

Participants in the crossover transplants programme are people, who cannot be given their own partner’s kidney for immunological reasons are given a kidney from the partner of another patient in exchange for a kidney from their own partner.

The ministry said that the goal of the programme is to help patients that need kidney transplant and have a living donor that is willing to donate.

The transplant clinic began operating in September, and the Hadjipantela signed a five-year plan to cooperate with Israel and Spain to cooperate in the transplants.