Three men were arrested on Sunday after two brothers were stabbed in their village home in Pera Choriou Nisou over personal differences they had with two other men, police said on Monday.

According to police, two men aged 26 and 49 went to the home of a 52-year-old man to resolve some differences. The man’s brother aged 48, was also there.

The two men stabbed both brothers who had to be taken to hospital. The 52-year-old sustained injuries to his right palm while the 48-year-old was stabbed in the back and had to undergo surgery.

Both are out of danger.

While police carried out investigations, the two suspects told officers they were the ones who were attacked, showing injuries to their hands. They too had been treated for minor injuries at the hospital.

As part of the investigation, police arrested the 52-year-old brother as well as the men aged 26 and 49.

Pera Choriou Nisou police continues investigations.