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Uproar over animal cruelty

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The dog is expected to be adopted by a person who expressed interest

The incident of a dog that was tied to a vehicle and dragged across the concrete road by an unidentified man in Nicosia on Friday has caused uproar on social media.

The animal was rescued by a passerby who stopped the driver and asked to get the dog.

She said the driver stopped, left the dog and then drove away.

According to the rescuer’s post on a social media page about lost and found pets, the dog, who is a male, is now in good health.

He was immediately taken to the vet, S.K. Kyriakidi, who covered all necessary expenses for his treatment. The vet also found the dog had an unregistered chip.

After ten days, the dog is expected to be adopted by a person who expressed interest.

The rescuer has kept the registration numbers of the vehicle and said will report the incident to the police.

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