President Nikos Christodoulides on Friday discussed actions to strengthen Cyprus-US relations with the US ambassador to Nicosia Julie Fisher.

The newly elected president started his contacts with ambassadors of other countries with the ambassador of Greece, while on Friday he met with the US ambassador.

Following their meeting, government spokesman Constantinos Letymbiotis said the two had a very constructive meeting where they discussed ways that will further strengthen relations between the two countries.

Among the issues discussed were the Cyprus problem, but also specific actions on the energy and economy sector, the spokesman said.

In the immediate future, through contacts that will continue to be made by both the president and the foreign minister, Letymbiotis said “we will try to see some specific proposals that can be implemented”.

Cyprus’ firm commitment to further strengthen relations with the US, was also stressed to the ambassador by Foreign Minister Constantinos Kombos on Friday. He was speaking during a visit at the CYCLOPS Training Centre, which the minister said, is proof of the recent upgrading of bilateral relations between the two countries in the security sector.

CYCLOPS is a Larnaca-based training centre owned by the Republic of Cyprus. The project was implemented in close cooperation between the foreign ministry and the United States Government under a Memorandum of Understanding signed in 2020. Funding for the construction and equipping of the CYCLOPS Training Centre was provided by the Export Control and Related Border Security (EXBS) programme of the US Department of State.