Evan Placey’s play Girls Like That returns to the Cyprus theatre scene this month but this time it is not a theatre company putting on the production but a school. The International School of Paphos is taking part in the Pancyprian School Theatre Games and bringing a Greek performance of Placey’s play and its harrowing story of teenage cyberbullying.

The Games, taking place for the 34th time, are organized by Cyprus Theatre Organisation in collaboration with the ministry of education. High schools from all over Cyprus take part in performances of contemporary theatre and ancient drama as chosen by the school theatre teams and their teachers.

For ISOP’s participation on March 26 drama teacher Stefanie Mavrokordatou is directing the Year 10 students in Girls Like That, as it is translated into Greek by Vangelis Kyriacou. Although the school is English speaking, it consistently promotes Greek language and culture through various activities. This performance will be the fifth participation of the school in the Pancyprian School Theatre Games and last year they won 3rd place.

The play takes on a very contemporary topic, which is highly relevant to teenagers today. Through a combination of humour and intense emotion, it highlights the impact and psychological harm that can be caused by the misuse of digital media by teenagers.

The story begins when a naked photograph of schoolgirl Scarlett goes viral and rumours spread across smartphones like wildfire and her reputation becomes toxic, threatening to shatter the fragile unity of the girls she has grown up with. While the boy is applauded for his sexual conquest, the girl’s morality is shamed and ultimately she is so humiliated that she is forced to leave the school. Her worst tormentors turn out to be the girls she has grown up with who are jealous of her transition into womanhood. Diving deep into gender inequality and the pressures of today’s digital generation, the play highlights the burden of contemporary teenage life and the misogynistic bias that still exists.

Girls Like That

The International School of Paphos participates in the Pancyprian School Theatre Games with Evan Placey’s play. March 26. Sports Hall, International School of Paphos. 8pm. In Greek. Free. Tel: 26-821700