Composer, performer, researcher and music teacher Andreas Papapetrou is taking the stage of Arte Music Academy in Nicosia to present a musical performance titled Diary Without Words. On March 30, Papapetrou will present music for piano and sampler inspired by a special personal moment.

“Notes on the day past,” he wrote in a statement, “letters to a future self, thoughts about yesterday, a crib sheet for tomorrow. In our diaries, we record an inner, more sincere version of ourselves, usually with words and sometimes with drawings. In this case, I am attempting to record the same ideas in music, without words, without images, without explanations, perhaps subconsciously but still openly, starting from a pivotal moment in my life – the birth of my daughter.

“With this in mind,” he continued, “I am using pre-recorded material from her toys, combined with sounds from the piano to compose and add an entry to this diary without words, which I will share with you. I invite you to ‘read’ this page with me.”

Papapetrou’s compositional output includes works for various ensembles in different genres, ranging from solo to full symphonic orchestra works, as well as works of electro-acoustic and electronic music, and works for theatre, film and dance. A classically trained pianist and accordionist, he focuses on contemporary music works, cross-arts performance and improvisation. He is a research associate of the CYENS Centre of Excellence, a scientific collaborator of the European University of Cyprus, an affiliated researcher of the BoCCF Research Centre for Cultural Sustainability, and a music teacher at the American International School of Cyprus. His research interests focus on exploring music primarily as the social activity of performance.


Diary without words: Music for piano and sampler

45-minute music performance presenting work by Andreas Papapetrou. March 30. Arte Music Academy, Nicosia. 8pm. Free. Registration: