From June 14 to July 14, 2024, Europe’s best national teams will head to Germany to compete for the title of European Champion in 10 different cities. The countries that will fight for the title in the 51 games of the final tournament will be decided by the European Qualifiers, which run from March 2023 to March 2024.

As an Official Partner, Lidl – one of the leading food retailers in Germany and Europe – accompanies the European Qualifiers, as well as UEFA EURO 2024. The partnership could hardly be a better fit as Lidl is represented today by more than 12,000 stores in 31 countries, 30 of them in Europe. Just as football entertains millions of people every day, Lidl is a reliable partner to millions of customers throughout Europe for their daily shopping.

“We are excited to be part of a sport event that fascinates both our customers and our employees in all countries,” commented Jeroen Bal, Divisional Board Member Customer at Lidl International.

“Just as our products are available to everyone, we want to help make UEFA EURO 2024 an experience for everyone – for example through our Lidl Fan Zones.

“Numerous countries, where Lidl has a presence, will be cheering along, and it’s really something special that the final tournament is being held in the country where Lidl’s history began,” he added.

For his part, UEFA Marketing Director, Guy-Laurent Epstein pointed out that: “UEFA is proud to welcome Lidl as a partner of the European Qualifiers and UEFA EURO 2024. Lidl’s presence across the continent will contribute immensely to the promotion of what will be another unforgettable competition.

“We also look forward to jointly promoting the good health and well-being values that are shared between Lidl and UEFA,” he said.

Lidl also wishes to use this partnership to emphasise the importance of fresh fruit and vegetables, along with sports and exercise, to an active and healthy lifestyle. What we eat and how much we exercise has a huge impact on our health and the environment. Which is why Lidl is developing its range of products systematically on the basis of the planetary health diet, making it easier for its customers to choose healthy and sustainably-manufactured products consciously, while also using new international standards for healthy nutrition marketing campaigns aimed at children.

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