Three key cabinet members visited Limassol port’s new passenger terminal where they spoke with stakeholders, vowing to make improvements to Cyprus’ ports wherever necessary.

Shipping, which accounts for about seven per cent of GDP, has emerged as a critical sector to the economy – which the officials said they will continue to assist.

Transport Minister Alexis Vafeadis, deputy tourism minister Kostas Koumis, and deputy shipping minister Marina Hadjimanoli said that they will cooperate to facilitate the sector.

“All three of us are open to whichever suggestions come our way in terms of upgrading above all the quality and services towards the public,” Hadjimanoli said on Thursday.

She said the meeting took place at the right time as this year the number of cruise ships scheduled to arrive at Limassol is set to double.

“Therefore, we recognise the importance of being proactive,” she added.

Hadjimanoli reiterated that Royal Caribbean will soon open offices in Limassol and has registered a cruise ship under the Cypriot registry.

For his part, Koumis said that a key part of the discussions were centred on boosting maritime tourism.

As for those arriving by sea, he said discussions are underway with other companies to increase the number of arrivals while ensuring a quality experience at the ports.

“We’re still in the early days of the Nikos Christodoulides government, all of this is being studied – we’ve inherited some plans, we’re working on others and we’re soon awaiting some final decisions,” he concluded.