The EcoX Cyprus fintech community is organising an open discussion and networking event in Limassol to discuss blockchain technologies and their applications in the real estate industry.

The event is happening on Monday, March 27 at 7.30 pm at the Vinylio Wines Etc. The organisers invited experts from the local and global blockchain ecosystem to discuss the challenges, opportunities and the future of blockchain technologies in relation to the real estate industry.

Disruptive decentralised technologies are changing our lives daily and are expected to bring a stream of changes.

Government, business, academia and users need to work together in order to build a better world.

“Lots of people think that decentralised technologies are cryptocurrencies. It’s wrong. Decentralised technologies can be used in every industry. We can use them to build more trust in transactions and security. It is a shame that recently we find out that the law office of Cyprus deemed the suggested Decentralised Law as unconstitutional. The space needs regulation to foster innovation that works. We need a law so the common people to be protected,” the host of EcoX Cyprus Panis Pieri said.

Our guests include the tech lawyer Christiana Aristidou, Giorgos Agathangelou from Grant Thornton and the block experts Yiannis Menelaou and Jorge Sebastiao.

The event is supported by NovusAlpha and Cyprus Mail.

Learn more and register here.

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